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We are QBIT Capital, an early stage venture capital firm exclusively focused on Swiss Startups.

We actively support founders from incorporation to exit.

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We believe in innovations made in

The Swiss early-stage market presents a hidden opportunity, accessible only to players within the ecosystem. Despite having created a large amount of global innovations, the Swiss early stage market remains relatively unnoticed.

QBIT Capital is headquartered at Technopark, an innovation hub in the center of Zurich. With an extensive network of universities, accelarators, incubators and venture capital funds QBIT is built to access innovations at the earliest stage.

How do we provide unique value to our founders?

Our portfolio management approach

We bring a unique value to our founders and their businesses by leveraging our three pillars for their success.
We build a system that enables founders to leverage our network and ressources in an effective way.

With our international experience, we possess extensive expertise in market analysis, identifying investment trends and opportunities that will shape the world, and fostering collaborations with talented individuals.


We support founders in growing their business.

Active Investors

We provide entrepreneurs as sparring partners.

Venture Partners

We help you scale globally.

Portfolio companies 










B2B Saas


B2B Saas

We don’t time the market.
We know what we invest in.
We know why we invest in it.

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