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We are QBIT Capital, an early stage venture capital firm focused on founders in Switzerland.

We actively support founders from incorporation to exit.

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We have entered a
disruptive era.

The recent pandemic and econmoic uncertainty has exponentially increased the emergence and adoption of new companies and technologies. They are drastically changing the way we think and work; the way we move, communicate and even eat; the way we live our life on every level.

Innovation and disruption will continue to drive wealth creation. Sustaining innovations developed during a crisis yields a positive impact in the long run.

How do we capture early stage investment oppurtunities?

How we invest

By leveraging our unique location at Technopark Zurich, access to more than twelve Business Angel Associations and our vast network of Venture Capital funds, Incubators and Accelerators.
With 40+ years of combined international experience we bring a unique value to founders and their businesses. We have vast expertise of reading the market, identifying investment trends and opportunities that will shape the world, and instigating collaborations with smart people.

Ventures Fund.

We partner with founders and smart investors with vision.

Startup Launchpad.

Advisory and hands-on support.

Corporate Venture Capital

We connect corporates with Venture Capital.

We don’t time the market.
We know what we own and what we invest in.
We know why we own it and why we invest in it.

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Foresee the unseen.

Get ahead of the curve and take the lead in your wealth by innovating your investments in smart, new ways.