How we invest.

Smart Money investors start investing in industry or market segments that others haven’t yet found or seen. They transform traditional sectors and businesses through technological adoption, and disrupt the status quo.

Sustaining innovations developed during a crisis yields a positive impact in the long run.

QBIT Global Ventures.

We partner with founders and smart investors with vision.

  • Pre-seed and seed funding
  • Post-MVP and pre-traction
  • Lead and Co-lead investor
  • Active support and advisory

QBIT Capital New Ventures.

Advisory Board focus.

  • Corporate venture capital
  • Incubators
  • Venture partner
  • Start-ups

QBIT Capital Private Wealth.

We understand your balance sheet.

  • Asset allocation
  • Portfolio construction

Our principles underpin everything we do. 


No one can see into the future, but we have big ideas for it. We map the future rather than waiting for others to define it; planning for the possible and aiming for the impossible.


We’re disruptive in our thinking, but that doesn’t mean reckless. We push the envelope to seek out innovative golden opportunities and stay ahead of the curve.


Connection is the golden thread of our brand. We have strong relationships across the globe to leverage and collaborate with.


Everything we do is underpinned by accurate, measured and thoughtful strategy for what’s right for our clients.

Foresee the unseen.

Get ahead of the curve and take the lead in your wealth by innovating your investments in smart, new ways.