Our story.

We are founded on the concept that many parts make up a whole picture; always creating and connecting new dots to continue our story long into the future.

A rich tapestry of experiences, people, passion, deep thinking and values form the beginnings of our story.

Our vision.

To be our founders’ most valuable.

Our mission.

To create value by identifying new emerging technologies.

Our creation.

Although we love complex thinking and theories, we believe the magic lies in executing aesthetic simplicity.

The creative concept behind our logo combines three main components that reflect the beginnings of our story and our strategic goals: a qubit, a quantum dot, and specialised strategy from the game Go.

The logo is a reflection of our specificity, global connections and collaborations, innovative nature, and unique strategic positioning.

Our passion is deep seated in a long and consistent line of our personal life experiences.

Why we exist

We are inspired and shaped by family and friends who were change makers, who thought and acted against the grain, who worked hard to make a difference in the world in their own unique ways; who made a profound difference to our lives.

Those individuals sparked our curiosity and supported us through our own growth. Their footprints are the roots of our way of thinking: our raison d’être, and the reason for how we show up passionately in the world today in every aspect of our lives. And, why we do what we do in business; continuing the line of unique thinking, and challenging the status quo with absolute integrity.

Our ecosystem.


Our people.

Who we are

We are a team of innovators, creative thinkers and experienced investment strategists who thrive on connecting smart people across the globe; a wonderful gift in this borderless world.

Georges Khneysser QBIT Capital

Georges Khneysser

Founder & CVO

With 30+ years experience in the investment world, Georges is the founder of QBIT Capital.

Unequivocally passionate about his work, Georges is a bold innovator who loves to ‘push the envelope’ in the industry. He’s known for his unwavering integrity, unique energy and progressive thinking.

Always challenging himself, Georges’ love of engineering and strategy run through his veins. In fact, when he’s not forging new paths in the world of investing, you can find Georges getting absorbed in a game of chess or Go.

“Nothing is too small to know or too big to attempt. We’re always learning and innovating.”

Basel Sbeini


Basel is a Partner at QBIT Capital, based in Los Angeles.

Prior to QBIT, he proved to be an excellent leader by building teams across the US and managed the expansion and growth of private banking assets to over $6.5 billion for J.P. Morgan and UBS. His focus was on advising entrepreneurs to grow their companies and establish their exit strategies.

Basel received his B.A. in economics from UC Berkeley and earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation from the CFA Institute.

“Persistence is key, just keep moving and adapt as needed.”

Luis Huber QBIT Capital

Luis Huber


Luis is the European Partner of QBIT Capital.

Before joining QBIT Capital Luis studied Business Psychology and focused on consumer behavior. After some stops in various research departments, he joined a Venture builder focusing on early stage validation projects and corporate venture capital.

He is well structured in his work and thought process. This allows him to setup internal processes or help founders to establish data-driven decision-making culture from the beginning. This way he helps them to scale from 0 to 1.

“If your product doesn’t completely suck, just launch it and iterate based on the feedback you get:”

Andreas Werner QBIT

Andreas Werner

Investment Analyst

Having lived, studied, and worked in both Switzerland and the United States, Andreas leverages the best of both cultures.
He holds a degree in Business from the University of Southern California, where he first cultivated an entrepreneurial mindset.

Andreas began his journey into private equity at a multi-family office. This role ignited his passion for venture capital, leading to an internship at QBIT Capital.

Andreas gained further experience at another prominent VC firm within the Swiss ecosystem. He has later returned to QBIT Capital as a full-time Investment Analyst.

“I don’t have time for a fancy quote, I need to get back to work”

Active Investors & Venture Partners.

Walid Bounassif

Walid Bounassif

Active Investor

Walid has 30 years of experience in the telecom sector where he has always pioneered technical and operational innovations from within big corporates.

He has worked on 5 continents and has held several CTO and board advisory positions across the globe. In the last few years he founded and launched a pure fiber telco in Italy and is currently managing its growth into a national alternative network to the incumbent.

He is a strong believer in the supernatural powers of a cohesive team with a clear vision and objectives.

Joel Roos

Active Investor

Joel has an impressive background in mechanical engineering and robotics from ETH Zürich. In 2018, he co-founded VAY, an ETH Spin-off that became the first B2C app to utilize monocular human motion analysis, receiving widespread recognition and demand from the fitness and health sector. VAY achieved great success and was ultimately acquired by Nautilus Inc in 2021.

Joel has been recognized by Forbes, naming him as one of Europe's "30 under 30" in Technology for 2022. He is currently leading the Center of Excellence at Nautilus Inc. Inc in Zurich.

Lukas Platinsky

Active Investor

Lukas Platinsky is a seasoned expert in the fields of Computer Vision, SLAM, and Deep Learning, with a track record in driving innovation in autonomous vehicles.

As a co-founder and the CTO of Blue Vision Labs, he raised together with his team funding from venture capital firms such as Accel Partners, Horizons Ventures, and Google Ventures. This led to Blue Vision Labs being acquired by Lyft.

His expertise in Computer Vision and his ability to integrate machine learning techniques into real-world applications are great assets to our portfolio companies.

Jean Luc Freymond - Active Investor

Jean-Luc Freymond

Active Investor

Jean-Luc has a master’s degree from the University of Lausanne. He built multiple successful ventures throughout his career creating lasting impact.
Among these ventures, he pioneered an ERP system integral to Nespresso's success and created Finartis, a global financial technology company and banking software provider.

Additionally, Jean-Luc has been an active member of the Entrepreneurs Organization. He also serves on on the Board of Directors at Visium, a Swiss artificial intelligence and data firm.

Frederic Weill - Active Investor

Frederic Weill

Active Investor

After graduating from ETH Zurich, Frederic started his career at Accenture, SGS, and McKinsey, before joining Cambridge Technology Partners as Managing Director for EMEA. Frederic's journey led him to the founding of Optaros, which was acquired by MRM/McCann World Group.

In 2009, he founded Open Web Technology, employing 200 engineers across Switzerland.
Frederic fostered a partnership with Swisscom, culminating in the establishment of the joint venture Swisscom Digital Technology SA, operating under the brand Open Web Technology. Swisscom's acquisition of all remaining shares, ensures the company will continue to flourish under the brand Open Web Technology.

Ben Simon

Active Investor

Ben has an educational background from the University of St. Gallen. After brief stints in banking and consulting, his passion for making an impact led him to join VAY, an ETH Spin-off specializing in motion analysis technology.

As a COO at VAY, Ben was responsible for all business aspects and played a crucial role in the company's success, particularly during the transition from B2C to B2B. In 2021, VAY was acquired by Nautilus Inc. Since then, Ben has led the Corporate and Business Development Initiatives at Nautilus Inc., has been an active Angel Investor in the startup ecosystem and was recognized by Forbes as one of Europe's '30 under 30' in Technology for 2022.

Anne Patricia Sutanto QBIT Capital

Anne Sutanto

Venture Partner

Anne, born into a business family in logging and integrated wood industry, she took the turning point by joining PT. Pan Brothers Tbk and Group when it was ailing in 1997. As Vice CEO, she had played a vital role in turning the Company into Indonesia’s largest garment manufacturer producing apparel for international well-known brand.

She is an award-winning and passionate professional who graduated from University of Southern California – USA and received her MBA degree from Loyola Marymount University - Los Angeles – USA (1994).

Dieter Rappold

Venture Partner

Dieter founded a media agency early in 2001. He led and grew the company into a leading digital agency with 150+ employees.

In 2017, Dieter successfully handed the company over and went on to found Speedinvest Pirates as a joint Venture with the VC fund Speedinvest to support the portfolio companies and help them scale to the next level. Over the past 5 years, Dieter and his team supported over 200 early-stage startups.

Dieter is an experienced Investor and Business Angel with a great reputation within the European Startup ecosystem.

Phil Ressler

Venture Partner

Phil is a growth-oriented executive leader for technology & media, with 40 years of working with entrepreneurial founders to build and scale their companies.

His operating career in marketing, venture capital, and executive management has resulted in cumulative new products demand totalling over $1B in addition to the growth of established product sales in raw startups, scaling entrepreneurial companies, as well as private and public firms, ranging from pre-revenue to over $1B annual sales.

Phil now spends his time as a venture capital investor, operating advisor, execution partner and incubator for new companies by focusing his efforts on strengthening the ecosystem for new technologies.

Jaana Goeggel

Jaana Goeggel

Venture Partner

Jaana is the co-founder of Sororitê LATAM’s largest female angel investor network focused on female led startups. She’s an active angel investor, focused on FinTech, RetailTech and DigitalHealth, is a board member of Columbia Ventures do Brazil and Zissou, and a mentor to startups in LATAM and Switzerland.
Jaana holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a Master’s in Engineering from ETH Zürich. She is a Swiss national, now residing in São Paulo, with more than 15 years of experience in LATAM. Prior to angel investing, she had a successful career as an executive at American Express, Expedia Group and McKinsey & Co, focusing on strategy, business development, and product. 

Nils Wagner

Nils Wagner

Venture Partner

Nils, a graduate of Architecture from ETH Zürich, brought his expertise to the family business, REHAU, a global leader in polymer technologies.

He played a key role in shaping the company's growth in China and Asia by focusing on business and organizational development. After his tenure in Asia, Nils returned to Germany and Switzerland where he has built REHAU New Ventures, a Corporate Venture Builder that drives the development of innovative businesses from the ground up.

His ability to quickly analyze complex problems, his sharp and well-structured approach, and his sales and marketing experience in the US and Asia make him a valuable asset to our portfolio companies.

Keith Larson

Venture Partner

With his extensive experience as the former Vice President and Managing Director of Intel Capital, spanning over 35 years in venture capital, Keith has established himself as one of the industry's leading experts in building highly successful technology-based businesses. During his time at Intel Corporation, Keith served as one of the five voting executives responsible for all of Intel Capital's investments. He played a pivotal role in leading some of the company's largest and most successful investments, including a $3.2B investment in ASML and Research in Motion (RIM).

His in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and semiconductor technology as well as fund management makes him an invaluable advisory resource for QBIT and our portfolio companies.

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